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Ever started a new project quickly realizing you would love to re-use some code from another project? This happened to me during the development of functional tests for Google Cloud functions. Maybe it can be of help to you too.

The problem

Unreadable code can feel like untying your earplug wires after getting them out of your pocket. Take a look at how a test might’ve looked for a cloud function (feel free to skip it, I’m just trying to show this is a callback mess):

You’ve decided you want to do something expensive on Ethereum. Maybe it’s deploying a new Aragon DAO. The transaction price in MetaMask (as of writing) is €71. Ouch, that’s a lot.

Most people don’t know what this fee is for. That sucks. They could save on gas fees and go out for a nice dinner instead 🍲. Let’s take a look at what we can do to have both a DAO and make that dinner happen.

🦊 The MetaMask layers of confusion

Welcome at the first layer:

Notice that little ‘edit’ button up there? If you don’t know what you’re doing it feels scary to click…

This post was originally posted on my blog here

Scroll scroll scroll. Going through forms and having to open a dropdown to select your country, or even worse, gender can be time consuming. I’ve been wondering how time consuming exactly and whether some select types are better. So I thought; let’s run an experiment!

I quickly hacked together some code and let over 500 unique users fill in a form asking for their age and country. The app asks users to select their country from 3 to 55 options (Distributed according to the Fibonacci sequence, because I like Fibonacci 🤓…

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